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IMSA CUP RULES  :          General Rules          How the Cup works          Points system


Find here what is allowed and what is forbidden. If there is any doubt/problem about an interpretation of the rules, mail me and I’ll take the final decision.


General rules :


1/ You have to use one of the 2 following original IMSA cars of the game : Porsche 962 or Jaguar XRJ9. You have to change car between each step of competition, so select your car for the qualification race wisely... (Jaguar has a slight disadvantage compared to P962)


2/ You have to race against the chosen opponent. His/her name is given with the track on a text file and also written on the results page from where you download the track.


3/ You must give the opponent the other IMSA car.

That is, if you race with P962, give the opponent the Jaguar. If you prefer Jaguar, give the opponent the P962. Car colour doesn’t matter.


4/ You must finish the race before the given opponent (but I think it will not be very difficult ) J


5/ Shortcuts, drive through concrete blocks, cut corks (left/right or up/down), cut loops is forbidden. When I say “cut”, I mean “avoid the stunt element”,

or “drive through the cork up/down wall”, or “don’t take the loop completely” and so on...

Drive ON tunnels roofs, jump OVER a Stunts element except corks left/right and loops is allowed. That is you may jump OVER a cork up/down you have enough speed for example.


6/ You must keep at least one tire on/over the road, like in IRC/ISA competition. Each time all of your car is outside the road, you’ll get penalty (1 second for each 0.1 second passed outside the road). Replays with penalty will be written in red in the scoreboard. The kerb (red/white part of large corners) and the middle of the boulevard are considered the road. Brown part of tunnel roof is tunnel wall, so it's NOT the road.


7/ If two racers have exactly the same time, the one who sent his replay 1st is considered faster than the one who sent his replay 2nd. If two (or more) racers don't send a replay for one "step" of competition, their ranking in this step will be based upon their respective times for the previous step.


8/ Each week will start at saturday 21H00 GMT+1 and will end next saturday at 20H00 GMT +1. Final results of each week of competition will be updated each saturday between 20H00 GMT+1 and 21H00 GMT+1 if stars are positionned right. J


9/ The cup is a special event. Not a regular comp.


10/ Replay Handling (RH) is allowed but you'll see it's more difficult to use it because of the opponent...


11/ Tracks are based upon real racing tracks. They are my own interpretation of them. They can’t be modified.


12/ You can use any version of Stunts/4D Sports Driving, but it makes it much easier for me if you use Stunts v1.1. You can download it HERE.


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How the Cup works :


Weeks 1&2 : qualifications. Top 16 drivers are qualified for the Cup.

Week 3 : League period. 4 groups are made from qualified drivers composed this way :

-          group 1 : drivers qualified 1st, 5th, 9th and 13th.

-          group 2 : drivers qualified 2nd, 6th, 10th and 14th.

-          group 3 : drivers qualified 3rd, 7th, 11th and 15th.

-          group 4 : drivers qualified 4th, 8th, 12th and 16th.

2 best drivers of each group are qualified for quarter-finals.

8 eliminated drivers will then race a 3 weeks League to know their rankings from 9th to 16th.

Week 4 : quarter-finals (QF) and 1st week of the “9th-16th ranking League”. Each QF winner is qualified.

4 eliminated drivers will then race a 2 weeks League to know their rankings from 5th to 8th.

Week 5 : semi-finals (SF), 1st week of the “5th-8th ranking League”, 2nd week of the “9th-16th ranking League”. Each SF winner is qualified.

Week 6 : final race, 3rd place race, 2nd week of the “5th-8th ranking League”, 3rd week of the “9th-16th ranking League”.

You can have a view of a complete results page HERE.


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Point system :

1st : 22 points

2nd : 18 points

3rd : 15 points

4th : 12 points

5th : 10 points

6th : 8 points

7th : 6 points

8th : 5 points

9th : 4 points

10th : 3 points

11th : 2 points

12th : 1 point

13th to 16th and not qualified drivers : no point.


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