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Q : Do I really have to read this page ?

A : No, but itís recommended to read it before sending me an e-mail. J


Q : I donít want to race against an opponent, he/she makes me slow too much or crash !

A : Then your replay will be considered invalid. You can race alone if you want to learn the track, but valid replays must be with the given opponent.


Q : I donít like the selected opponent, I prefer Helen because sheís more beautiful !

A : Valid replays must be with the given opponent, sorry. If you want to race against Helen, try to reach the quarter-finals. J


Q : Iíve got a team-mate, can I exchange replays with him ?

A : Thatís what a team-mate is here for. But beware, your current team-mate for the Qualif League or in the groups may be your next opponent in the last weeks...


Q : How can I know if my replay is valid ?

A : If itís added in the scoreboard, itís considered valid. If I consider your replay invalid, Iíll explain to you why by mail.


Q : My time in the scoreboard is not the time I made and itís written in red, why ?

A : You got penalty time. J


Q : I canít download a track !

A : Are you sure the track is one of the current active track ? Tracks are available when the week they are made for is the current active week. They wonít be available in advance. You can download them from tracks page (where you have also infos about the track like maps or logo), or from results page too (direct link to track file, click on the track name in blue).

If thereís still a problem, send me an e-mail at imsacup@free.fr.


Q : Can I use shortcuts ?

A : No. You must keep at least one tire on/over the road. The red/white part of large corners is part of the road.


Q : Your tracks are named upon real tracks, but they donít look the same at all !

A : Well, I try to make my tracks ďclose toĒ the real tracks on top view only. But as long as Stunts is limited the tracks will never look exactly the same as real tracks.

By the way, real tracks donít have any Stunt element... J


Q : I am new here and I canít understand how all those guys can drive SO fast...!

A : Practice and training is the only way to improve. Take a look at the links page and watch the archive of the other competitions, especially the ISA / IRC competition because the rules are almost the same as IMSA Cup rules.