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There is no active race(s), and there won't be any new Cup, sorry.


Feel free to download and race previous Cups' tracks in tracks page and race them following the IMSA Cup rules (except opponent rule that can be forgotten) and send your reeplays to me (my mail is written at the top of the page) for the Racing For Pleasure (RFP) permanent classification.


Happy racing everyone.



Here are the detailled results of 4th Cup, also availabale from the menu at the left :





General information about results :

     In red, penalty earned for leaving the road.

     Results are never official until the end of each "step" of the competition.

     Rank color significations : in bold yellow : racers qualified / in light orange : racers not qualified / in bold blue : final rank


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Groups League                          Qualifications


Final race results : week 6

Track : Suzuka (Japan).

Opponent : Skid.



3rd place race results : week 6

Track : Suzuka (Japan).

Opponent : Skid.



Semi-Finals results : week 5

Track : Sugo (Japan).

Opponent : Helen.



5th to 8th places results : weeks 5 & 6

Track : Ti-Aida (Japan).

Opponent : Helen.



Quarter-Finals results : week 4

Track : Mar del Plata (Argentina).

Opponent : Joe.



9th to 16th places results : weeks 4 to 6

Track : Kyalami (South Africa).

Opponent : Cherry.



Groups League results : week 3

Track : Autodromo Nelson Piquet de Brasilia (Brazil).

Opponent : Otto



Qualifications results : weeks 1&2

Track : Dijon-Prenois (France).

Opponent : Bernie


  In red, penalty earned for leaving the road.