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Previous Cups

detailled results :




Here you can find the top 5 results of each track that is not in the competition anymore.

First, there will be the times made during the competition, but everyone is free to race them even if competition is over. It's a sort of "permanent competition".

If you race them after the competition you can race without opponent, but you must still follow the other rules (cars allowed, shortcuts, and so on...).

Feel free to download tracks from Tracks page and race. Then send me your replay by mail at imsacup@free.fr.

Happy racing. J


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    Fourth Cup tracks :

Dijon-Prenois     Brasilia     Kyalami     Mar del Plata     Ti Aida     Sugo     Suzuka

     Third Cup tracks :

Palanga     Imola     A1 Ring     Hockenheim Ring (old design)     Catalunya (Barcelona)     Padborg Park     Monte-Carlo (Monaco)

     Second Cup tracks :

Road Atlanta     Oran Park     Phillip Island     Winton Raceway     Mont Panorama Bathurst     Surfer's Paradise (Gold Coast)     Spa-Francorchamps

     First Cup tracks :

Road America     Mexico City     Sears Point (Sonoma)     Miami (reverse)     Sebring     3 Rivers (Canada)      Laguna Seca