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The game has a built-in track editor.

This is by far the main reason why the game is still played after all these years.

You can create all the tracks you want, modify terrain, and finally race on YOUR track.

There are still some things unallowed by the editor, like more than one square from a jump and its landing, or make roads on water, ...

Some of these limitations (like roads on water) can be bypassed with Mark Nailwood's Track Blaster, an efficient editor, although not as easy to use as the built-in one. It's available HERE or at the download menu at the left.


On the built-in track editor, use the F1 to F10 keys to have different Stunts elements.

Use the SHIFT-F1 key combination to have the possibility to modify terrain.


Here is a picture of all available elements :

SHIFT-F1 keys : Terrain editor

F1 key : Paved roads

F2 key : Dirt roads

F3 key : Icy roads

F4 key : Stunts elements : jump, tunnel, looping, pipe, slaloms, cork left/right

F5 key : Banked roads

F6 key : Divided roads

F7 key : Zig-zags and boulevards

F8 key : Elevated roads

F9 key : corks up/down

F10 key : Scenery elements