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OLD NEWS 3rd Cup


Thursday, June 29th : No replay from Mingva until his extended deadline, so results are now confirmed officially : I'm 3rd and Mingva is 4th.

Also, Racing For Pleasure (RFP) part is updated with top 5 results of all 3rd Cup tracks.

CTG sent a very good time for Barcelona (Catalunya) track with Jaguar, beating Gutix's 5th place time made with Porsche. Good performance.

I also did some RFP time for Sears Point Sonoma (1st Cup track), Laguna Seca (1st Cup track) and A1 Ring (3rd Cup track).

Feel free to race all tracks for the RFP permanent competition until the beginning of the 4th Cup. J


Sunday, June 27th : Damn, I couldn't connect to the web before the match begins. Now it's half time, I finally upload this. Sorry.

Sunday, June 27th : Sorry for this LATE update, but I had to handle a dozen crazy children all the saturday afternoon for Daffy Duck's 10th birthday party and after the loooong football match between Sweden and Netherlands, I was too tired to do the update, especially after the huge number of replays I got ! J

So, here we are finally. Last but not least.

Let's start with the battle fot 9th place : Satanziege logically overtook Daffy Duck for this place. Only one replay from each of them, lazy guys...

Now, things get more serious, with battle for 5th place : and Gutix quickly killed the competition with his time far below 1:40,00... He even sent another one which was more than 1 second faster, but as he left the road for 0.4 second, he got 4 seconds penalty for this one.

So the real interest was battle for 6th place then... With 3 racers in half a second in the end, after many trials from everyone ! Wow ! What a fight !

Diesel Joe get the 6th place, with only a small gap before Dark Chaser who was just 0.1 second before Zak McKracken. Nice battle guys, congrats, especially to Dark Chaser who was handicaped by using Jaguar but never stopped racing. A special "Most motivated racer of the Cup"award  to Dark Chaser, who sent by far the most amount of replays of all the competitors.

Then, battle for 3rd place is still opened for Mingva, who was away during all the week. For the moment, I gave Krys Toff  (me) the 3rd place, but in case Mingva send a replay faster than mine, I will change scoreboard.

And, what everyone is waiting for, the battle for 1st place : and the winner is... ALAN ROTOI ! Congrats ! CTG did his best, racing many times, and, if he had the same car than Alan, he would have get times closed to Alan ones for sure. But it wasn't the case and so CTG is 2nd behind Alan Rotoi, like in 1st Cup.


Now the 3rd Cup is almost over, I just wait for Mingva's time until Monday 28th at 20H00 GMT+1. And I quickly update it before Denmark vs Czech Republic match begins.


Thanks again to everyone for racing this competition, I hope you liked it. J


If you reached Semi-Finals and want to try A1 Ring or Catalunya, or if you didn't reached S-F and you want to try Padborg and Monaco, or if you didn't joined the Cup and want to compare your performance to the times done during the competition, no problem !

The Racing For Pleasure (RFP) permanent competition is opened for you. All passed tracks of all previous Cups are available. Top 5 times for each track are kept in the RFP scoreboard. Rules are the same as during the Cup, except that you can choose the IMSA car you like and that you can race without opponent.

After I get Mingva's replay, I'll make the RFP scoreboards for the 3rd Cup.

 Thursday, June 24th : I got 2 new replays today : one from Dark Chaser, improving 0.4 seconds, but he left the road and got 1 second penalty. So his previous time stays as the best in scoreboard.

The other one is the 1st try of Alan Rotoi, with a time close to CTG. If I were CTG, I would race again and again to keep Alan far behind...

Wednesday, June 23rd : I'm happy : Italy is out of EURO 2004 and Netherlands are still in too. I think that winner of quarter-final Denmark-Czech republic will be the future EURO 2004 winner. Just my humble opinion...

But let's get back to the IMSA Cup : 2 new improvements from CTG today, without any answer from Alan Rotoi so far.

And in the battle for 5th place, Dark Chaser improved his time too.

One important detail : Mingva is away this week, he makes a travel in central Europe, so he can't race until sunday. I give him 2 more days to race. So, deadline stays Saturday, 26th of June, 20H00 GMT+1 for everyone (including me) except for Mingva, but it is Monday 28th of June at 20H00 GMT+1 for Mingva.

I hope he will find some free time to race during sunday and monday.

Tuesday, June 22nd : I thought Gutix has made a replay good enough for the 5th place, I was wrong. Dark chaser did a very good time, more than 2 seconds faster than Gutix, with the "penalized" Jaguar. Impressive, really.

Also, CTG sent the 1st replay of duel for Victory. A nice time too, 3 seconds faster than mine.

Yesterday, France won and finished 1st in his group in UEFA Euro 2004. Quite lucky. I hope tonight Italy will make nothing better than a draw versus Bulgaria, because both Denmark and Sweden deserve a place in quarter-finals. Answer in 90 minutes...

Sunday, June 20th 01H00 GMT+1 : First replay for Monaco :  a weak time from me (1:39,40), with auto gears.

Saturday, June 19th 21H00 GMT+1 : And here are the results for the Semi-Final duels. 5th-8th place racing League and duel for 9th place will end only next saturday.

Today, I got some replays. One from me, improving a little few (0.25 seconds only), so CTG is the 1st in Final.

Then I got 2 replays from Alan Rotoi. First one was enough to be qualified (1:31,95) as Mingva didn't race, but Alan didn't knew so he raced like hell and did the best time of the Semi-Finals with the slower car ! 1:27,85... Grats !

So, race for victory will be Alan Rotoi (P962) versus CTG (Jaguar). Same duel as in 1st Cup, with Alan Rotoi advantaged by the car, but CTG is good at the moment and he can make a surprise. Race for 3rd place will be a remake of a duel in 1st Cup Quarter-Finals : Mingva vs Krys Toff. These 2 races will take place in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

I also remind to the other racers that they can still race : 5th to 6th place ranking League is still on the way, as duel for 9th place.

All active races will end next saturday, 20H00 GMT+1. Happy racing everyone.

Friday, June 18th : Well, I improved my time just enough to be under 1:30,00, but I stay behind CTG. Still no replay from Alan Rotoi for S-F race...

Thursday, June 17th : After some quiet days without activity, I finally got one replay from Gutix at Barcelona. I think his time is a strong one and it will probably allow him to reach 5th place.

Monday, June 14th : Ooops. I was so happy that the ftp server was back that I forgot to upload the new "Current Races" page. But results were OK in "Current Cup" page, so everyone could see them. Today, CTG raced and he improved more than one second. He is leading by far, but race is far from finished.

Oh, one more thing : France victory vs England at EURO 2004 football was as good as the one against Italy in EURO 2000 final ! Excellent ! J J J

Sunday, June 13th : Finally, FTP server is reachable. So here is the long-awaited updated results of Q-F race. Also, you'll find the first 3 replays for S-F race from Mingva, CTG and me.

Saturday, June 12th, 21H00 GMT+1 : WOW, many replays received this afternoon ! So, here are the official results of the Quarter-Finals... With some surprises in scoreboard !

Let explain it with the chronology of replays received : 1st to race is Diesel joe with 1:13,80, nice final time but not enough as Mingva has 1:13,40... Then CTG : a very good 1:11,95 but still behind Gutix.

Then my personnal battle with Dark Chaser became harder for me with Dark Chaser reaching first 1:13,40 and then 1:13,10 ! At this moment, I didn't know it as I was racing too, without good result at this moment of the day...

A few minutes later, another BOMB arrived : CTG did 1:11,50 !!! He overtook Gutix ! CTG is qualified for SF at this moment. Will Gutix react ?

It was around this mail was sent by CTG that I did my new time : 1:12,70. I finally managed to beat Dark Chaser !

But deadline wasn't over. I didn't know if other replays will come, I didn't know about the replays I got since 13H00 GMT+1. I went to prepare dinner after my replay, without watching mails, afraid of Dark Chaser... But after this time, no new replay was sent to me. I discovered it when watching mails, a few minutes ago.

So, it finally happened : Gutix lost. Is this an indication for current ZakStunts track ? Gutix lost 2 races in a few days : one at HOTU Stunts comp against me, and now this Q-F race vs CTG... I'm sure this will only bring motivation harder than ever for Gutix, who will explode everyone in USC and ZakStunts competitions like he did last months. J

I want to thank all racers for these marvelous Q-F races. Fights were hard, Diesel Joe and Dark Chaser proved with their results and motivation that they are future top drivers. It's a pleasure to manage a competition when I receive 23 replays in 1 week not counting my 6 replays ! J Thanks again and again and again and again. J J J J  Only group 3 was a lazy Q-F duel : Zak and Alan sent only 1 replay...

So, Semi-Finals (S-F) will be : Mingva vs Alan Rotoi (a bit disadvantged with racing XRJ9) and Krys Toff vs CTG, the Damage Inc duel. This will take place in Denmark, on Padborg Park track.

And on Barcelona track, in Spain, will be the 5th to 8th place ranking league with Diesel Joe, Dark Chaser, Zak McKracken and Gutix. this race will last the last 2 weeks of competition.

Also, still active until the end of competition is the 9th-10th place duel between Satanziege and Daffy Duck. Without replay so far...

Thanks again for joining, and have fun racing the new tracks.


Saturday, June 12th, 13H00 GMT+1 : A hard battle is happening in group 2. First, I improved to reach 1:13,95, that is 0.1 second behind Dark Chaser. I decided to make another try and reach 1:13,80 ! 0.05 second before Dark Chaser. I thought the hardest thing was done until I watched my mails and saw Dark Chaser with 1:13,70 ! So he is 0.1 second before me once again. Damn !

I also received a new replay from Mingva (1:13,40), the 1st replay from Alan Rotoi (1:12,75, he can do better, especially with P962, but he seems lazy).

But replay of the day is another BOMB from Gutix, who really wants to make CTG crazy with his new time : 1:11,65 !!! Unstoppable Gutix !

I think Mingva and Gutix are already one step in Semi-Finals, but everything can still happen until the deadline (I say that to bring motivation to CTG and Diesel Joe J).

In the 2 other groups, it's not so sure : Zak can improve and may beat a lazy Rotoi. The most uncertain group is group 2 : expect me to race again Dark Chaser : don't say I didn't warned you. J

Friday, June 11th, : 4 new replays today, and leading time improved twice. The 1st replay was mine, improving 2.5 seconds, but still behind Dark Chaser. The 2nd replay was Diesel joe's. Too bad he left the road slightly and got penalty time. Mingva is still leading group 1.

Then Zak sent a replay, with a new best time (1:13,50). Zak leads group 3 as Alan Rotoi has not sent a replay so far. But then Gutix exploded the best lap with a marvelous 1:12,15 !!! It will be very hard for CTG in group 4.

Remember deadline is tomorrow evening. Try your best.

Thursday, June 10th, : Three new replays again : Diesel Joe improved almost 2 seconds, Dark Chaser took the lead with a time 0.1 second better than CTG's (wow, I'm impressed) and Gutix is promising hard fight in QF 4 with CTG with a time only 0.1 second slower than CTG's. Did I say 0.1 seconds too much since yesterday ? J

Wednesday, June 9th, : Three replays today : CTG (1:13,95, new best time for the track), Dark Chaser's 3rd replay with a small 0.1 second improvement and Diesel Joe's 1st one, the slower time so far.

Tuesday, June 8th, : After 2 quiet days, race is back. 1 replay from me, 2 from Dark Chaser. The 1st duel of the Q-F is on the way, and Dark chaser is currently leading it. Now, I'm waiting for Diesel Joe's answer to Mingva, and I also wait for the duels in groups 3 and 4 to start. It's up to you guys.

Saturday, June 5th, late in the evening : Mingva already sent a replay for Hockenheim.

Saturday, June 5th : Finally, every racer sent a replay. That's good. J

I got today 2 replays from Mingva, who realized that he had to be 1st of his group to avoid racing against "currently unbeatable at ZakStunts" Gutix. And he got this 1st place after 3 hours racing. Good job, nice time, 1 second faster than CTG and Gutix.

Dark Chaser sent his 7th replay of the week to improved 0.15 seconds more (I like racers like that : 7 days a week, 7 replays). Dark Chaser feared Alan Rotoi, but our current "Cup championship" leader sent only a listfiller replay according to his possibilities. So Dark Chaser is 1st of group 2.

In group 3, Satanziege sent a replay but he cut the loop, and so his replay was invalid. It's not so important, as he was slower than Zak, 1st of group 3, and me.

In group 4, no new replay and no surprise : Gutix is 1st, followed by Diesel joe.

So, Quarter Finals (Q-F) races will be :  1/Mingva vs Diesel Joe ; 2/Dark Chaser vs Krys Toff ; 3/Zak McKracken vs Alan Rotoi ; 4/Gutix vs CTG. This will take place in Hockenheim "old design" Ring. Alan Rotoi and Dark Chaser will have a slight advantage racing with P962.

Race for classification for 9th and 10th place will be a duel between Satanziege and Daffy Duck, in A1 Ring, and will last in the last 3 weeks of the Cup.

Happy racing these new tracks, I wait for your replays guys. J

Friday, June 4th : Many replays again today : 1 from Diesel Joe, one from CTG (who has now the best time for Imola, overtaking Gutix), one from Daffy Duck, and 2 from Dark Chaser (the most replay sender by far since this 3rd Cup began). Only a few hours remaining until deadline that is Saturday 5th at 20H00 GMT+1, remember.

Thursday, June 3rd : After 2 days away from home, here is the update. During these days, I received 2 replays from Dark Chaser (valid ones this time), 1 improvement from CTG, 1st replay from Zak and a killing time from Gutix. I also did a replay a few minutes before writing these lines, but slower than Zak's.

Still no replay from Mingva, Diesel Joe, Alan Rotoi, Satanziege or Daffy Duck... Wake up before deadline guys ! Only Qualifications last 2 weeks, other steps are one week long only.

Monday, May 31st : Groups race is on the way. 1st to race are CTG and Dark Chaser who is still motivated (2 replays already) but who forgot the rules again and cut the cork left/right.

I'll be away for my job next 2 days, so don't expect site update until thursday.

Sunday, May 30th, 08H00 GMT+1 : Lots of things happened Saturday afternoon. 2 new racers joined : Daffy Duck enlisted for the 3rd time and Diesel Joe is discovering the Cup. Too bad they both had penalty time for leaving the road... Also, Dark "ultra-motivated" Chaser did a very good lap to reach 2nd place. And, to complete these news, I improved a few my time.

So, as previous comps, we are now 10 racers, and so the last 2 of qualifications have been put in the 2 "theorically easier" groups, that is group 3 and 4. Too bad no racer decided to join from outside our small community... Now it's too late to join.

Now, let's travel to Italy for a race against Otto at Imola. Don't forget (especially newcomers) that you (and also your opponent)  HAVE TO change car between each step. The car you have to use for this race is written in scoreboard. Happy racing everyone.

Saturday, May 29th 18H00 GMT+1 : Do not expect a quick update tonight : there's a little fiesta in my home village. Final results of qualifications will be Sunday morning. Sorry for that.

Friday, May 28th : Another racer joined IMSA Cup : Zak McKracken, with a good time (2nd so far). Also I got improvements from CTG (still leader of course) and Dark Chaser, still very motivated, who reached the same time as Gutix. Good : competition will be hard !

Thursday, May 27th : A new replay from Dark Chaser, fully valid this time. And a good time : only 0.5 seconds behind Mingva's time, that is only 0.5 seconds behind 3rd place ! Good beginning from Dark Chaser.

Wednesday, May 26th : A very big thanks to Raphael, from OLDIZ (French abandonware website) for advertising for IMSA Cup. Have a look on this good site that can be personalized with XENON 2 skin or SPEEDBALL 2 skin (my favorite). Click HERE for automatic english translation of his site. If you speak french, just click on his banner below. J

Tuesday, May 25th : A nice day today with many replays : first, a valid time by Satanziege, overtaking me by 0.05 seconds. Good job.

Then, 2 replays from CTG who changed his mind and finally join the Cup (good decision my friend). He does a very good start and takes the lead of Qualifications so far !

And, last but not least, a new racer joins the competition : Dark Chaser. He made his 1st lap on IMSA Cup, but sadly he cut the corks left/right and so his replay is invalid. Please try again.

Monday, May 24th : A 5th racer has joined : Satanziege. Welcome aboard pal, but it seems you forgot the rules : no shortcuts, no cork left/right cut.

Saturday, May 22nd : Tonight is the end of ZCT38 at ZakStunts. I hope to get new replays after that deadline but CTG, current 3rd in IMSA Cup Championship, already told he won't join. Too bad he could have been a good animator of the Cup, like he was in the last 2 Cups when he reached respectively 2nd and 5th place in 1st and 2nd Cup.

Thursday, May 20th : A new time from Mingva yesterday, taking 2nd place of qualifications so far. But no new racer...

Tuesday, May 18th : Gutix join the competition and is now leading the qualification race. 4 racers in 3 days, cool. I hope it will stay this way.

Monday, May 17th : First racers to enlist : Mingva, racing at home in Lithuania ; Alan Rotoi, current leader of IMSA Cups Championship and already taking the lead ; and me.

Saturday, May 15th : It's on ! The 3rd Stunts IMSA Cup is on the way. You have 2 weeks to send me one valid replay (don't forget to read the rules if you don't know them) in order to be qualified for the Cup. Happy racing everyone. J

Saturday, May 8th : The 3rd Cup will officially begin next week, saturday 15th of May, 21H00 GMT+1. BE THERE !

Friday, February 27th : The new Cup was supposed to start the 28th of February, but it won't because I'm too late in track designing. I think it will start at late April or early May. Sorry for that.



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