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OLD NEWS 2nd Cup


Friday, December 19th : I finally managed to make the big update of the site with all results...!

Bonzai Joe won the second IMSA Cup, but Alan Rotoi, winner of the 1st Cup, is still leading the Cups Championship.

Neil Mc Rae sent a replay for Winton Raceway, but after the deadline. But his replay is valid and was added with mine in the Racing for Pleasure part. J

Remember that all previous tracks are active for the Racing for Pleasure permanent competition, and you can race them without the opponent.

Saturday, December 13th : Last day of 2nd IMSA Cup and our new champion is... BONZAI JOE !

21H00 GMT+1 : No new replay received (it seems Akoss Poo had computer problems...), winner of this 2nd Cup is BONZAI JOE !!! Congrats !

Full update of the site with Racing for pleasure and so on will be next week. But Cups Championship results ae updated of course.

Next Cup will take place entirely in Europe, with tracks from Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, ... Beginning around March (exact date published later).

Thanks again to those who took part of this Cup. J

18H30 GMT+1 : New replay from Zak, taking 6th place again. Well done.

18H00 GMT+1 : I improved my time, taking the 6th place to Zak for now.

17H30 GMT+1 : Gutix sent 2 new replays, but one of them has penalty time. He is only 0.1 second behind Alan Rotoi for the 3rd place now.

17H00 GMT+1 : Alan Rotoi and Gutix sent replays, and Alan is taking the lead of the battle for 3rd place.

16H00 GMT+1 : Bonzai Joe sent a replay, but it's invalid (go through wall).

14H00 GMT+1 : the fight for the 3rd place is now on its way, and Alan Rotoi took the best so far. But battle isn't over until deadline !

Friday, December 12th : The awakening...

After almost one week of silence, the motors of your IMSA cars start to roar again. J

And the first one to go is Zak, fighting for the 5th place, but only 6th for now.

The main fight is awaited on Spa-Francorchamps. Fight for podium. Fight for victory.

Remember everyone that deadline for all active races is tomorrow, saturday, 13th of December, 20H00 GMT+1.

Thursday, December 11th : Quiet Cup, no movement from anyone...

No news of anyone, except Neil telling me he would probably not have time to race... Where are you racers ?

Tuesday, December 9th : Improvement on Bathurst

It seems the Stunts community is quite asleep these days... Only one nbew replay : I improved my time a few on Bathurst.

Come on guys, deadline is approching fast !

Saturday, December 6th : Last day replays from Alan Rotoi and Bonzai Joe. And the SF results !

Here they are, the results of Semi-Finals, and the battle for Cup victory will be... Akoss Poo vs Bonzai Joe ! So this second Cup will celebrate a new champion.

Gutix deserves congratulations too, because he did a very good time and forced Bonzai Joe to use all his skill to beat him.

After a week of illness, Alan Rotoi made a desperate attempt but failed to achieve a good result. He even got penalty for racing all the car on brown part of a tunnel roof, that is off the road.

So, now, for these 4 racers a travel from Australia to Belgium is organised. Welcome on Spa-Francorchamps !

For those who were not here last Cup, final track is always special in IMSA Cup : icy parts, yes, but the most annoying is the spectacular Krys Toff's Invisible Corner (c) !!! Be sure to watch your replay on F3 view to be sure you stayed on the road. J

This one is also a little bit longer than all other tracks of this Cup...

We will have Akoss Poo vs Bonzai Joe for 1st place, and a full Argentinian race for the 3rd place : Alan Rotoi vs Gutix. Both races on Spa, with Skid as opponent. Happy racing. J

I also remember that :

     - the battle for 9th place is still active for Guybrush and Neil Mc Rae on Winton Raceway versus Cherry.

     - the battle for 5th place is stll active for CTG, Zak Mc Kracken, XSCrapy and Krys Toff on Mt Panorama Bathurst vs Helen.

All races will end next saturday, 13th of December, 20H00 GMT+1.

Friday, December 5th : Gutix motivated !

He sent another replay, and did a time close to Akoss Poo's one ! That's definitively the proof he deserves his place in this SF race.

Still no replay from Alan Rotoi, and no valid one from Bonzai Joe. Go on guys, deadline for SF is tonight, 20H00 GMT+1.

Thursday, December 4th : CTG and BJ were active today.

Bonzai Joe sent a replay for SF, but his replay was invalid because he cut the cork left/right.

CTG sent an improvement and he is now almost sure to finish at the 5th place.

Wednesday, December 3rd : Another SF replay.

1st replay from Gutix. Still waiting for Bonzai Joe's and Alan Rotoi's replays...

Tuesday, December 2nd : 1st SF replays.

2 replays from Akoss Poo on Surfer's Paradise. With good times !

Monday, December 1st : CTG-Krys fight for 5th place.

CTG has the advantage of the car, but I did not made my last try yet. J

Sunday, November 30th : Yesterday's results finally published.

Wow, XSCrapy was inactive all the week and sent 3 replays on the last day. One of them was 1:09,05 ! Is bonzai Joe eliminated ?

No, because this replay was invalid beacause of the use of shortcuts. One other replay was also invalid because of loop cut.

Finally, the only replay valid was the slowest, sorry but is was well tried XSCrapy. J

The real surprise came from Gutix, using the fact that I wasn't home to improve, he raced hard as I suggested and achieved to race 0.5 second faster than me !

Well done Gutix, you are qualified for the SF (semi-finals). J It's good to see so motivated racers !

No other replays received for QF, so SF fight will be : Akoss Poo vs Alan Rotoi and  Gutix vs Bonzai Joe. Happy racing on Surfer's Paradise track.

The other four : CTG, Zak, XSCrapy and me, will race for classification for the last 2 weeks of competition on Mt Panorama Bathurst track.

I also remind Neil Mc Rae and Guybrush that they still have the last 2 weeks of competition for their classification fight on Winton Raceway.

To conclude today's loooong news, I want to apologize to Alan Rotoi, Akoss Poo and CTG because I raced only ZCT32 track yesterday to achieve team goals and now I just have enough free time for this update. So, I won't be able to race again on your comps (4DSL, ACT and USC) until today's deadline, sorry. L

Saturday, November 29th : Deadline for QF is tonight 20H00 GMT+1 !!!.

10H00 GMT+1 : 2 new replays from CTG and Zak, but they stay 2nd in their groups so far. Only a few hour to make another attempt.

Tonight, I won't be at home for the update, but deadline remains unchanged : 20H00 GMT+1. Expect an update in Sunday, or maybe Monday...

But to satisfy your appetite for race, the SF (Semi-Finals) track and the 5th-8th place ranking league track are already available on Tracks page. J

Friday, November 28th : Battle for qualification.

Many new replays, from CTG, Alan Rotoi and me. But still no news from XSCrapy...

Alan takes the lead of his group, Zak must react to avoid elimination !

Gutix : I improved my time and became 1st of our group. Race again, race hard, if you want to be qualified. J

Thursday, November 27th : Bon-Zai-Joe !!!

A good day today : 3 new replays from Zak, Gutix and Bonzai Joe.

They all 3 lead their groups now. But CTG, XSCrapy and Alan Rotoi had not sent any replay yet...

And the main event of the day is the time made by Bonzai Joe with the "theorically slower" Jaguar !

Compared to some times made with the "theorically faster" Porsche, I can say Bonzai Joe is without doubt one the favorites for this Cup !!!

Wednesday, November 26th : Akoss takes the lead.

Akoss sent 3 replays today. And he finally reached an awesome time, almost 10 seconds faster than his 1st one !

I'm still waiting for replays from CTG, Alan Rotoi, Gutix, XSCrapy and Zak Mc Kracken for the QF.

Neil Mc Rae and Guybrush still have time for their ranking fight because it will last 3 weeks. J

Tuesday, November 25th : Waiting for replays.

Bonzai Joe sent a replay with a good time.

Just a precision : for semi-finals (SF), the 1st of group 1 will race the 1st of group 3 and the 1st of group 2 will race the 1st of group 4.

Monday, November 24th : Quiet competition...

Only one replay so far -mine- and nothing more for the current tracks...

Gutix sent a replay for Oran Park but it was too late. I think he believed that each step was 2 weeks period. But I remember everyone that it's not the case.

Deadline for QF (Quarter-Finals) is this saturday, 29th of November, 20H00 GMT+1. Don't forget it guys. J

Saturday, November 22nd : Results.

Groups league is over, without replays any new replay... No replay from Gutix nor from Guybrush. L

So, according to his better results in qualifications, Gutix is considered qualified and Guybrush will race with Neil Mc Rae for the 9th-10th places ranking league for the next 3 weeks on Winton Raceway.

Quarter-finals will be this way : Akoss Poo vs CTG, me vs Gutix, Alan Rotoi vs Zak Mc Kracken, and Bonzai Joe vs XSCrapy.

This fight for qualifications will last one week on Phillip Island.

Happy racing !

Saturday, November 22nd : deadline is today 20H00 GMT+1.

Last day to send your replays for Oran Park. I hope to receive at least 1 replay from Gutix and Guybrush before deadline...

I improved a few my time and Bonzai Joe sent a replay, so now we are both leading our groups. But let's wait for rush hour replays. J

Friday, November 21st : 2 new replays.

Zak sent his 1st time and takes the lead in group 2, and XSCrapy improved his time but still stays behind Akoss Poo.

Thursday, November 20th : CTG's reaction.

CTG sent a valid replay, even better than his 1st one with penalty. J

Still no news fro Gutix, Guybrush, Bonzai Joe or Zak Mc Kracken...

Wednesday, November 19th : 2 new replays.

CTG and Neil Mc Rae sent a replay, but unfortunately CTG got a penalty time.

I'm still waiting for replays from Gutix, Guybrush, Zak Mc Kracken and Bonzai Joe...

Tuesday, November 18th : First replays for Oran Park.

The groups leagues start with 4 replays, and a marvelous time from Akoss Poo... Again.

Now, let's see what the other racers will do on this track, and remember that deadline to send your replays is saturday, 22nd November, 20H00 GMT+1.

Saturday, November 15th : Qualifications are over, let the Cup begin !.

A last minute replay from XSCrapy, just for him to prove he is faster than me. Good motivation, I like it. J

The qualifications are over, now let's start the Cup with the Groups league : only best 2 of each group will be qualified for Quarter-finals.

As there is less than 16 racers, some groups are not complete, like last Cup. So I did the same and put racers qualified 13th and 14th in the theorically easiest groups : 3 and 4.

Remember that you have to change your car at each step of the competition. If you have a doubt, watch the results page to see which car you should use.

Also, it's important for you to try your best to be the 1st of your group, because racers classified 1st will encounter those qualified 2nd following this order :

1st of group 1 vs 2nd of group 4, 1st of group 2 vs 2nd of group 3, 1st of group 3 vs 2nd of group 2 and 1st of group 4 vs 2nd of group 1.

But let the race do the talking with Oran Park.

Saturday, November 15th : Last rush for qualification.

This is the last day to enter the Cup with a replay on Road Atlanta. Remember the deadline : today 20H00 GMT+1.

08H00 GMT+1 : we have a new promising racer : Gutix from Argentina.

15H00 GMT+1 : Alan Rotoi and Bonzai Joe sent their 1st replays. A listfiller one from Bonzai Joe, but sufficient to qualify probably.

And I made a new time with Porsche 962 instead of Jaguar XRJ9 : exactly same time as XSCrapy but he stays before me because of rule number 7 !

Thursday, November 13th : South American racers again !

Another improvement from XSCrapy, taking 4th place ( so I must race again to stay in top 4 now J ) and finally a valid replay from Guybrush.

Now that's sure : south americans ARE motivated a lot ! Good job guys.

Wednesday, November 12th : South American racers are very active.

It seems that the most active racers are the south americans : new replay from XSCrapy and Guybrush.

Unfortunately, Guybrush cut the cork left/right again... L But XSCrapy is improving a lot his time : he is now right behind CTG and me. J

Monday, November 10th : No big news...

Just an improvement of my time.

Sunday, November 9th : After 2 days without update due to ftp server problems, here are the news.

Another racer joined the competition : Akoss Poo, and he takes the 1st place with the 1st time under one minute on Road Atlanta !!!

We have 7 racers on the competition now.J

Remember that deadline for qualifications is saturday, 15th November, 20H00 GMT+1.

Gentlemen, start your engines !

Friday, November 7th : New racer form 4DSL competition again (thanks for your advertisement Alan) and a new leader : Zak Mc Kracken !

LucasArts racers are coming to IMSA cup ! Welcome Guybrush Threepwood and Zak McKracken.J

Unfortunately, Guybrush's replay is invalid (cut cork left/right) but Zak is new leader with awesome time !

I hope to have other new racers soon...

Thursday, November 6th : New replays.

XSCrapy sent a valid replay, but got penalty time L and CTG sent a new replay. Still only 4 racers...

Wednesday, November 5th : New racer, new replays and a birthday.

We have a new racer joining this competition, his name is XSCrapy. Welcome aboard.

So bad his replay is invalid because he cut the cork left/right and gave Bernie the same car than his... But I'm sure he won't do the same mistake twice.J

Also, Neil Mc Rae sent a replay with a good time. He really improved by racing Zak's competition !

Last, but not least, let's say an "happy birthday" to Alan Rotoi, the 1st IMSA Cup winner.J

Monday, November 3rd : First replays received.

CTG, our last cup finalist, started with the intention to do better than last cup ! Beware racers, beware of CTG. J

Only 2 replays for now, but I expect more in the next days.

Saturday, November 1st : The second IMSA Cup has started now.

Who will be the next to put his name in the hall of fame ?

Will Alan Rotoi, winner of the 1st Cup,  be strong enough for a second victory in a row ?

We will know it in 6 weeks but, for now, let's go for the 2 weeks of Qualification race : do your best to be in top 16 if you want to race the Cup ! If you don't qualify, you won't be able to enter the Cup.

The 1st track is short and easy, it's Road Atlanta. That's the last race this Cup will have in a north-american "Le Mans" series track. Next five races will take place in Australia, and the "Grand finale" of the 2nd Cup will be in Europe, in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium).



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