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OLD NEWS 1st Cup

Cup News : May 31st  2003, midnight GMT+1.  The Cup is over. And the Champion is... ALAN ROTOI !


Final : A great fight until the last moment. Thanks to CTG and Alan Rotoi for that.

Alan was favorite but CTG believed in his chances during all the week and forced Alan to do his best to win.

And CTG almost made the big surprise of the Cup ! He finished only 0,55 second behind Alan !

He proved this way that his place in final was not due to luck, but to his talent.

Alan, as always, proved his skills with this new victory in a Stunts competition.


3rd place race : still a lack of motivation/time for racing for Mingva and Zak... Only one replay from Zak, and no replay from Mingva. So, Zak is second without any real fight... L


5th-8th places RL : New replay from Krys Toff, right before Bolo Yeung . Bonzai Joe was too fast to be challenged for the 5th place.


9th-14th places RL : Juank 23 was never challenged there. Leo took the 10th place right before Alain. Neil and Daffy were too slow and Myron didnít race (again...).