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Sunday, March 27th, 00H00 GMT+1 : Well, it took me more time than expected to do the update, sorry for the wait.

Now, let's go for the results, strating from the last place : without any replay during the 3 weeks of Kyalami track, Zak McKracken is 10th and last. This means that Leo Ramone gets 9th place of course.

Also without replay : Alan Rotoi gets only 8th place of this Cup. He was already chmpion of the Cups Championship as CTG did not entered the Cup, but this is sad to see him so lazy after beeing so active during the previous cups.

Battle for 6th place was hard between Paleke and AbuRaf, but AbuRaf could not improve more and got 7th place while Paleke got 6th. I, Krys Toff,  took 5th place without any fight as Alan did not raced...

Then, let's go to the top 4 drivers :

New replay received from Diesel Joe for the fight for 3rd place, and no new from Dottore. With this last rush from Diesel Joe (high performance common-rail diesel I suppose J ), Dottore gets only 4th place while Diesel Joe reached a glorious podium with the 3rd place.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, here is the duel for victory ! Dark Chaser versus Gutix. As I told this afternoon, Dark Chaser did 1:29,45 but his replay was invalid due to incorrect opponent (but it will be added in RFP scoreboard). Sadly, he had no time to improve this time as he had to re-race the track completely. So, with his previous time, Gutix was already winner and Dark Chaser was 2nd.

But Gutix is like Schumacher in formula 1 : only victory "with panache" counts, and he raced like a madman this last day, reaching 1:26,60 and then 1:25,60 and finally 1:25,40 !!! Incredible time for the logical winner of this Cup.


Then, Congrats to GUTIX for this awesome victory, he proved everyone that he can be champion at no-shortcuts competition too (remembrance for those who missed it : Gutix won ZakStunts, Stunts LOL and HOTU Stunts championships in 2004).

Special award for most motivated racer of the Cup goes to AbuRaf. J


The final results of the Cups Championship are now known :

          Best IMSA Cup driver is, as I told before, ALAN ROTOI who won 50 percent of the Cups (2 of 4).

          Second best driver is CTG, no Cup victory from him but twice finalist (he lost each time versus Alan Rotoi), with only 3 Cups raced of 4.

          Third best driver is the winner of the day : GUTIX with only 3 Cups raced for him too and only 2 points behind CTG.

Check the complete and detailled results of all Cup into IMSA Cup menu.


To conclude, I would like to thank every racer who joined all these 4 IMSA Cups, it has been a pleasure for me to manage these competitions.


Remember that Racing for Pleasure (RFP) remains available for all the 28 tracks even if there won't be any other IMSA Cup. Feel free to race any track, with or without opponent but remember that other rules of the IMSA Cup apply, and send the replays to me : I will continue to manage the RFP scoreboards.

Talking about that : RFP page is updated too with final results for Kyalami, Ti Aida and Suzuka tracks, including Dark Chaser's time for Suzuka and a time I did for Kyalami..


Thanks again to have raced this Stunts competition, and I remind you that everyone can join the last 2 rallies of WRC Stunts that will take place in 2005 too : 5th one is planned in May, and 6th (and last) one is planned for September or October.

Be sure to take a look too to the Stunts Racing Portal to find other Stunts competitions, active or not.

Good night everyone.


Saturday, March 26th, 18H00 GMT+1 : It was a quiet week, but it's a very active last day !

5th-8th places league : nice attempt from AbuRaf to overtake Paleke, but still 1 second too slow. Keep up the motivation abuRaf, you can do it !

3rd place race : First, Diesel Joe made an impressive improvement and overtook Dottore by one second. But a few minutes later dottore sent an improvement too, and now he is still leader for 3rd place duel. These 2 racers are with a gap of 0.8 second only. What a fight !

Finale : First racer to go under 1:30 at Suzuka track is Dark Chaser, with 1:29,45. But his replay is invalid because he raced versus Helen instead of Skid !!!! A horrible mistake that may cost him the victory ! Then, Gutix also reached a very close time to Dark Chaser one, with 1:29,55 ! Only 0.1 second of gap ! Too bad Dark Chaser's time is invalid. But deadline is not over yet, let's hope Dark Chaser will have time to race again...

One last, but not least, precision : I'll watch football match between France and Switzerland tonight so, exceptionnally, the deadline will not be 20H00 GMT+1 tonight but 22H00 GMT+1. All racers will have 2 hours more to race, let's hope all racers will use this additionnal time wisely, especially Zak McKracken and Alan Rotoi who had not sent any replay so far... Update is planned to be done before midnight GMT+1, except if France lost versus Switzerland because I'll be too busy crying out loud to update the website. J

Friday, March 25th : Only 1 day left until the end of the Cup, and Gutix made his move ! Very good time from him. will he win ? what will be Dark Chaser's reaction ? Answers tomorrow night. Now, go go go Dark Chaser, Alan Rotoi and Zak McKracken : don't forget to send a replay : deadline is tomorrow !!!

Thursday, March 24th : 3 replays from Leo Ramone received today. Best one added to scoreboard. If Zak forget to send a replay, Leo will get 3rd place.

Sadly, still no replay from our 2 finalists... Hiding times from each other I suppose. Go Alan rotoi, Zak McKracken, Dark chaser and Gutix : deadline is in 2 days.

Monday, March 21st : Dottore is back at his best : 6 seconds faster than Diesel Joe ! Fight for 3rd place will be hard...

Sunday, March 20th : One precision I forgot to tell yesterday evening : the "invisible" corner on the hill at Suzuka track is there for purpose. On this Cup as the 3 previous, tracks are becoming harder and harder at each step of the competition. And for the best racers there is the hardest track : dirt, ice and the now famous Krys Toff's invisible corner (c). J This is like that since the first IMSA Cup.

And Diesel Joe is the first one to make a first lap at Suzuka. But I'm sure a faster time will be done by the duelists of the great Finale.

Saturday, March 19th, 22H00 GMT+1 : Here are the results of the Semi-Finals :

Group 1 : sadly, I got no replay from Dottore. So Dark Chaser is qualified for the Finale.

Group 2 : Diesel Joe tried his best, improving 2 seconds. But Gutix made a magic replay, improving 6 seconds from his previous time and got the best overall time for Sugo.

Finale will then be 100% South American with Dark Chaser vs Gutix while 3rd place race will be 100% European with Dottore vs Diesel Joe. Both races will take place at Suzuka track, versus Skid Vicious opponent.

Again, CTG sent a RFP (Racing For Pleasure) replay, taking 2nd best performance at Sugo. RFP page uptated.

Paleke also sent a replay, but for 5th to 8th places Ranking League. And he is second so far, 2 seconds faster than AbuRaf.

Now guys, this is easy : next week all races are over. To be precise, deadline is 26th of March, 20H00 GMT+1 for the 3 remaining active tracks.

I hope to finally have a replay from Leo and Zak for 9th place fight and from Alan for 5th-8th places league...

Happy racing this last IMSA Cup week everyone. J

Saturday, March 19th, 17H00 GMT+1 : Small improvement from Dark Chaser but still no news from Dottore in first SF duel. In second SF duel, Gutix first try is already faster than Diesel Joe, but deadline isn't over yet.

Thursday, March 17th : Semi-Finals : Dark Chaser's first time for Sugo and now Diesel Joe's time seems weak ! Dottore and Gutix had not raced yet.

5th-8th places league : I raced a first try for Ti Aida while AbuRaf improved more than 3 seconds.

9h-10th places duel : still no news from Leo Ramone or Zak McKracken...

Monday, March 14th : 2 replays updated today : one from Diesel joe for SF race, and one from AbuRaf for 5th to 8th place ranking league. Remember that SF will last one week and so its deadline for Sugo track is 19th of March, 20H00 GMT+1, while 5th to 8th place league will last 2 weeks.

Sunday, March 13th : Sometimes you don't do something and after you regret it. That's what CTG feels, I think, after sending a very good best time for Mar del Plata for the Racing For Pleasure (RFP) permanent competition. Of course, this means RFP page has been updated. J

Saturday, March 12th, 23H00 GMT+1 : I know you wait for these results for 2 hours guys, so here they are finally. First, a surprise : Alan Rotoi didn't race. Of course, he is already over Cup champion as CTG didn't took part in this Cup, but... That means Diesel Joe is in Semi-Finals (SF).

In QF 1, Dark Chaser improved his time again and goes under 1:10. Dark Chaser is qualified for SF.

In QF 3, Paleke improved this afternoon but Dottore's time was too fast for him. Nice try from Paleke, but Dottore is in SF and he will race versus Dark Chaser.

Then, QF 4, where times were the closest. Gutix ? Me ? Well, let me explain : first I overtook Gutix, reaching 1:10,40. And I improved a few hours later to reach 1:10,10. But Gutix improved twice too during the last hour of competition for Mar del Plata, and he reached 1:09,05 finally. Gutix made the best time for Mar del Plata and he will logically race SF versus Diesel joe.

If you want to see detailled results, remember that you can see them at "Current Cup" menu of IMSA Cup.

4 loosers of QF will race the 5th to 8th place ranking league for the last 2 weeks of competition : AbuRaf, Alan Rotoi, Paleke and me, Krys Toff, only non-argentinian on this league. J

Now, all top 8 racers will travel to Japan. SF will take place at Sugo track while 5th to 8th place ranking league will be at Ti Aida track. Happy racing everyone.

Oh, one last word : Zak and Leo don't forget to race your duel at Kyalami track. J

Saturday, March 12th, 12H00 GMT+1 : As an answer to Gutix, I raced again and now Gutix and I are very close. Beware Gutix : I'll improve again today, I promise you ! Still no replay from Alan Rotoi... Wake up man, time is running out !

Friday, March 11th : Dottore and Gutix first replays were received today. Nice times for them. Task will be hard for Paleke to overtake Dottore, but fight between Gutix and me is promising for tomorrow. J

AbuRaf also sent another replay, with another 2 seconds improvement. Special award for AbuRaf : even with Dark Chaser more than 10 seconds faster than him, he doesn't give up ! That's fighting spirit for sure. Thanks for your motivation AbuRaf, racers like you make me proud to manage a competition. J

Thursday, March 10th : The QF number 1 is the most active by far : another replay from AbuRaf and another one from Dark Chaser too. I also finally had one replay from QF number 3 : Paleke made his first try. 2 days left for racing QF, go on gentlemen : start your engines !

Tuesday, March 8th : Today, AbuRaf improved more than 2 seconds and I improved almost 5 seconds. But distracted Paleke sent a mail without his replay attached...! J I also added Brasilia results into the Racing for Pleasure category.

Monday, March 7th : 4 replays received for Mar del Plata and guess who is overall leader ? Dark chaser, agin (that's a habit, isn't it ?)

AbuRaf also raced but he is far from Dark Chaser for the moment. But remember that this track is like racing at home for AbuRaf, so this will increase his motivation ! Beware Dark Chaser, you are warned ! J

Last 2 replays are average ones from Diesel Joe (penalised by 1 second for shortly leaving the road) and me. These times will have to be improved in order to expect a qualification.

Saturday, March 5th, 23H00 GMT+1 : A little bit late update, sorry (children were playing on the computer).

Sadly, no replays were received from Leo Ramone, Zak McKracken and Paleke. Lucky Paleke is qualified for Quarter-Finals (QF) because they were only 2 racers on his group. Zak and Leo will then fight for 9th place for the last 3 weeks of competition at Kyalami track.

Overall best for Brasilia is Dark Chaser, same as Dijon track. Potential winner maybe ? I think he is almost in Semi-Finals as he will race versus AbuRaf who was the slowest at Brasilia track.

Other QF fights will be Diesel Joe versus Alan Rotoi, Dottore versus Paleke and Gutix versus me. Happy racing at Mar del Plata everyone.

Saturday, March 5th, 17H00 GMT+1 : Active last day : 4 replays so far, but none from Paleke, Zak or Leo. Hurry up guys, only a few hours left !

2 replays from Dark Chaser, taking the lead of his home country track. Also, good improvements from Diesel joe and Gutix.

Friday, March 4th : Alan Rotoi starts to show his real talent after a weak time during Qualifications : only 0.05 seconds slower than Diesel joe. But surprise of the day is coming from Hungary : Dottore sent a very good time, more than one second faster than previous best.J  So, he is our new leader.

Message to Paleke, Leo Ramone and Zak McKracken : deadline for Brasilia track is getting close : 5th of March, 20H00 GMT+1, don't forget.

Wednesday, March 2nd : And here comes Diesel Joe, new overall leader for Brasilia track. J

Tuesday, March 1st : 3 new replays today : AbuRaf improved 5 seconds (nice !) and Dark Chaser and me raced too. New overall leader of the track is Dark Chaser. Still no replay from any racer of Groups 2 and 3 so far...

Monday, February 28th : And Gutix is the one who replies the first to AbuRaf. 10 seconds faster than AbuRaf, nice time.

Sunday, February 27th : First one to race at Brasilia is AbuRaf. Let's see who will react to his performance.

Saturday, February 26th, 21H00 GMT+1 : Two new replays before deadline : Gutix, a great Stunts racer, is joining with a good time. Too bad for him he got 5 seconds penalty time for leaving the road. Also, Diesel Joe sent a fully valid replay (that means no penalty time).

So we are 10 racers, like third Cup. So, racers 9th and 10th are added to groups 3 and 4 (that are supposed to be the 2 "weaker" groups).

From now, you can't choose your car anymore. You choosed your car for Qualifications and now you will change car at each step of competition.

See the Current Race(s) menu of IMSA Cup to see the Groups composition and who will race with which car.

Now, happy racing in Brasilia track versus Otto, and remember Zak : give Otto the opposite IMSA car, not the same as yours. J

And remember everyone that this track will last for 1 week only. So, Deadline for Brasilia track is 5th of March, 20H00 GMT+1.

Saturday, February 26th, 17H00 GMT+1 : Small mistake corrected : Dark Chaser's yesterday's time has benn made with Porsche 962 and not Jaguar. Only a 3 hours to join, come on : start your engines !

Friday, February 25th : One day remaining until the deadline, and another replay from Dark Chaser. This is the fourth replay from him, like AbuRaf. Do these 2 do a competition on the number of replays they send. J No penalty this time and, of course, still powerfull leader.

Also, another racer joined the Cup : Diesel Joe from Germany. Welcome. But you left the road for 0.4 seconds and so got 4 seconds of penalty time... Too bad.

One day remaining to join the Cup. It's now or never guys. Remember that deadline is tomorrow (saturday 26th), 20H00 GMT+1.

Thursday, February 24th : Today is a good day : 4 replays from 4 different racers, and 3 new racers joining this Cup. J

First replay is from Dottore, a hungarian racer regularly racing at Unskilled Stunts. Welcome aboard. And nice time from him as he is currently second.

Then, Alan Rotoi, current leader of Cups Championship, with a weak beginning (according to his performance on previous cups).

Third, a fourth replay from AbuRaf (4 replays for the same track, that's what I call motivation J ) with another good improvement.

And last is Zak, manager of Stunts Portal and ZakStunts, who did an invalid replay as he gave Bernie the same car as he used : the Jaguar XRJ9.

Wednesday, February 23rd : Yesterday Dark Chaser sent his 3rd replay. Now it's AbuRaf's turn. 4 seconds improvement. Will Leo react ?

Tuesday, February 22nd : Dark Chaser is leading, but he still want to improve. And he DID. Too bad he got 1 second penalty for leaving the road...

Still 1 second of improvement anyway, nice one.

Sunday, February 20th : Another replay from AbuRaf, 0.3 second faster than Leo Ramone. The expected fight between them is started. J

Saturday, February 19th : After Paleke, another new Argentinian racer is joining the competition. Welcome AbuRaf. I expect a hard battle between Leo Ramone and you on this Cup. J

But there's also bad news : after one week we are only 5 racers, where are Alan Rotoi, Bonzai Joe, Akoss Poo or CTG ? One week remaining for you to join guys, hurry up ! Remember that deadline is Saturday, February 26th, 20H00 GMT+1.

Friday, February 18th : Dark Chaser is easily leading the qualifications so far, but he improved his time anyway. 0.3 seconds better than yesterday.

So, Dark Chaser improved 0.3 seconds, but Leo Ramone improved 3 seconds. J Who will stop the Brazilian racers ?

Thursday, February 17th : First replay from Dark Chaser who is the only racer who choosed the Jaguar XRJ9 so far. He did a very good time : 1:25,80 !

Monday, February 14th : Today is Valentine day. And Leo Ramone sent a replay. J

Sunday, February 13th, 21H30 GMT+1 : First replay received from Paleke, nice one. Welcome to IMSA Cup. Find also my time for Dijon track.

Sunday, February 13th, 12H00 GMT+1 : Stupid me : I forgot to add the link to the track. Corrected, sorry.

Saturday, February 12th, 21H00 GMT+1 : This is the D-Day ! The 4th IMSA Cup begins RIGHT NOW at Dijon-Prenois track !!!

I hope to see many competitors. Duration for Qualifications track is 2 weeks. Therefore, deadline is Saturday, February 26th, 20H00 GMT+1.

Sunday, February 6th : The 4th and last IMSA Cup is beginning soon : 2005, February, 12th at 21H00 GMT+1. BE THERE ! J



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